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Over the years this online hobby shop has grown to have Military and Aviation Exhibits, Model Kits, Model Airplanes, Airplane Books, Airplane Movies, DVD's, and a long list of Aviation History, plus a complete list of Airplane Museums are put here to give you a better way to reach out and enjoy aviation and technology! Just Plane Fun in this Huge Hobby Shop and Online Museum.  YellowAirplane Sitemap Index.  Don't forget Model Electric Trains, and Aviation Art, and Real Aeroplane Models.  

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This is Chuck Roberts Yellow Pitts Airplane.  here to see the Pitts Building Exhibit
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  Below are Projects that I'm currently working on. 

The B-29 Superfortress named Hog Wild which was shot down over North KoreaHistory of the North Korean Nuclear Weapons Program.  How the North Korean Atomic Bomb was built giving the DPRK it's Atomic Bombs today.

Bill has worked on this book since 2008 and has made remarkable discoveries.  Originally making it as part of the Japanese Nuclear Weapons which ended in Konan Korea.  Bill found out that this was the genesis of the North Korean Nuclear Weapons Program.  The revelations in this book are absolutely fantast.  Bill is the most in-depth researcher that I have ever met leaving no stones unturned.  Bill backs all of his work up with CIA, OSS and other documents along with over 400 research assistants and eye witnesses.  The book has turned into the entire, extremely detailed, history of the DPRK, North Korean Nuclear Weapons Program.  The introduction of Bill's book was written by Dr. Benjamin C. Garrett, FBI Senior Scientist Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) forensic Lab in Quantico Virgina.

Mariano Velasco's Airplane hit by Neil Wilkinson on the HMS CoventryWhat could possibly drive wartime enemies to become peacetime friends?
Based on an inspirational true story.
Coming soon...

In 1979, Neil Wilkinson, a young man from Leeds in the UK, made a decision that would forever change his life. He joined the Royal Navy. He figured he was leaving behind life on the tough side of the tracks and never looked back. Little did he know that life was about to get tough again.    Neil was sailing off into the toughest place of all.    War.   

The Might Eithth Air Force in Action in World War II

The Mighty Eighth Air Force World War II

The latest book by Warren Benjamin Kidder.

This book starts out with action then talks about Charles Sorenson's building of the B-24 Liberator Factory at Willow Run.  Next it goes into America's entry into World War II and shows the daring raids of Jimmy Doolittle and quickly moves into the intense action of the B-24 Liberators raiding the oil refineries in Ploesti Romania. 

The last part of this book is a complete listing of almost one thousand raids of the 8th Air Force in WW2.

This is a color edition, hardcover edition, hand signed by the author, Warren Benjamin Kidder.

This book is action packed from beginning to end and is a non fiction account of what it really took to win the war both here in the United States and on the battle ground.  You need to read this book.

Here's Warren Benjamin Kidders New Book, The Mighty Eighth Air Force     

   Here's the Movie Script for Willow Run

Willow Run, The History of the Development of the B-24 Liberator Bomber Exhibit  

 Motorcycle Stories 

 Airplane Calendars

How to Teach Your Kids by using Air Shows
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Here to See a List of Aviation Museums in the United States

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 YellowAirplane   Museum.
Great Exhibits.  USS Kitty Hawk, 34th Fighter Squadron, Willow Run B-24 Liberator Plant, North Pole Expeditions, and Lots more.

WW2 War Correspondent, Ernie Pyle's story
teaches us that it is most often the simple things in life that provide the glue in a community.
Values such as honesty, persistence and concern for those less fortunate.

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From the Webmaster:  I've worked on Avionics for 18 years and have been involved in
Aviation for 40 years.  If you are not using an aircraft cover to keep the heat out of your
cockpit, You're spending a lot of money on Avionics Repairs that you Don't Need to Spend.


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At the  YellowAirplane   hobby shop we strive to bring a new way of education to our viewers and our kids by taking the dull everyday lifestyle and turning it into a super charged, super fun, learning experience filled with high tech Jet Fighters, Model Airplanes, Warbirds, Museum Exhibits and lots more..  How do we do this?  We use a derivative of Einstein's success formula,  Work +  Play = Success.   Here we expound on the play portion by using the idea of Watch an Airplane Movie plus Build a Model  plus Go to an Air Show  equals  An Educated Family with a greatly improved understanding of aviation and technology and a much better chance of future success.   Here's an example.  Watch an airplane movie about the F-16 such as, Iron Eagle.   While you are watching TV,  build an F-16 model.  Then go to an air show where there are real F-16 airplanes flying.  What Happened?  You just watched a great airplane movie and had an enjoyable evening.  At the same time, you have just built a beautiful F-16 Falcon model which you will keep forever with the deep pride that you have built it.  Next you have seen a fantastic air show, and I mean fantastic, and have spent a family day together.  Did you have fun?  Did you learn a lot? Did you spend quality time with your family?  You bet!  And you can do all of this by visiting Yellow Airplane!   We also cover airplane books, lots of airplane movies and all kinds of hobby shop model airplanes.  We love aviation history and have aircraft models of the historic planes.  Recently we have added electric trains and model trains   We also have many exhibits showing military and civilian aircraft. Exhibits that show everything form homebuilt aircraft being built, to trips on the USS Kitty Hawk and even expeditions to both the North Pole and South Poles.  So look around this super hobby store and enjoy yourself looking at both hobbies and exhibits.

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This is an aviation website with thousands of pages of aviation, military and North Pole exhibits. We also sell models, videos, books, aviation art and lots more. We run a program for the kids called Y-I-Bet, Why I bet on the Youth of America using air shows, aviation, and races to teach kids about technology and professional practices.

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The 34th fighter Squadron WW2 Exhibit
USS Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier Exhibit.

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