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World War 2 B-25 Mitchell Specifications. 

The North American B-25 Mitchell was one of the best-known medium bombers of World War II, especially remembered for its use in the Doolittle raid on Japan in 1942 and its participation in every major theater of the war. Less known, however, is its continued role in the postwar world, both in military and civilian service. Thousands of war surplus B-25's sat on airfields in 1945, available to the highest bidder. Though most B-25's, as other warplanes, were scrapped and smelted, hundreds did enjoy a postwar career in the civil sector. The B-25 is now one of the most prolific surviving Warbirds, and this book tells the story of the type in the years since the end of World War II. The B-25 has provided diverse and distinguished service in roles from fire-fighting to movie production. This books covers all of these roles and includes hundreds of photographs, detailed appendices, and individual aircraft histories of each of the civilian B-25's. 

 Please Note:  The specifications on this page are only for a single model of this airplane other models of the B-25 Mitchell may vary.  This Aircraft art page has lots of  aviation art prints, posters, pictures, and photos, so please give it time to load.

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B-25 Aviation Art
Ruptured Duck Nose Art Panel
Gary Velasco. 
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Reproduction nose art from the B-25B 40-2261, flown by Doolittle Raider Lt. Ted W. Lawson. He and his crew crashed in the China Sea after their successful bombing of Tokyo. 40"x 18" panel comes ready to hang and features  actual rivet holes, accurate markings, and slight weathering. It's so authentic, you'll  think it's from the actual plane!  .....#0007970 $219.00


Consolidated, B-25 Mitchell Model Airplanes 

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B-25 Mitchell 1/72 Snap-Together Kit
B-25 Mitchell 1/72 Snap-Together Kit
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Featuring snap- and screw-together parts, this 1/72 plastic kit is also pre-painted and detailed, making it a perfect, non-intimidating choice for young or beginning kit builders. Includes rotating propellers and wheels, a moveable turret… even the screwdriver is in the box, so there is nothing else to buy. 11" wingspan; recommended for ages 8 and above.
#0096972   Price:
B-25 Mitchell 1/72 Display Model
B-25 Mitchell 1/72 Display Model
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Featuring propellers that rotate at the pull of a string, this 1/72 scale plastic model of a B-25 Mitchell also includes textured surfaces, glazed cockpit windows, a dorsal turret, authentic markings, a display stand, and more. 11" wingspan; minor assembly required.
#0095851    Price:
B-25 Mitchell 1/63 Kit
B-25 Mitchell 1/63 Kit
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Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle, Tokyo Raid Replicating a B-25 Mitchell flown on the Doolittle Raid of April 18, 1942, this 1/63 scale, limited edition plastic kit - a Revell Classic re-issued with original box art from more than 30 years ago - features textured surfaces, a prototypical twin tail, realistic landing gear, authentic markings, and more. 12¾" wingspan; assembly required.
B-25J Mitchell 1/48 Plastic Model Airplane Kit


Model and a Movie

B-25J Mitchell 1/48 Kit
Plastic Model Kit
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The B-25 was one of the most widely used twin-engine bombers employed during the  war, and included nose-mounted machine guns for a ground support role. This plastic  kit is highly detailed including the machine guns in the glass nose, weighted tires and  figures. Skill level 2.   ....#0009112 $24.95


In 1942, the B-25B Doolittle Raid Mitchell bolstered  the spirits of the entire Allied Forces with its daring  bombing, and highly successful bombing run on  Japan. For his leadership role in the raid, Doolittle received the Medal of Honor. Highlights of this kit include recessed panel lines, a complete bomb bay, an aftermarket quality decal sheet, highly detailed engines with correct cowls, and crew compartments. Plastic cement is required to build this kit. To customize your model, you may also want to buy a paint kit. Perfect for the intermediate-level modeler.

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
DVD Movie
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Johnson, Walker 

B-25 Mitchell Balsa Wood Kit

B-25 Mitchell Balsa Wood Kit
Balsa Wood Model Kit
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1/32 scale balsa display kit of the U.S.' most lethal twin-engine bomber of WWII has a 28" wingspan when completed. Assembly required.    .....#0008917 $49.95

B-25B/C Mitchell 1/48 Model
Pre Built  Mahogany Model
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Made of Philippine mahogany, this 1/48 scale model measures 13½" in length, has a wingspan of 16½" and features the markings of the "Doolittle Raiders." Hand painted  and detailed, model comes ready to display on the included mahogany base.   .....#0009462 $179.00

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